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Constructed list based on answers from constructed list


My survey flow is like this: Q1 - Awareness, Q2 - Use, Q3 - Pay for.

In Q1, I have a brand list + None of the above. If they chose none of the above, then they are screened out.

For Q2, I have a constructed list which is brands chosen in Q1+None of the above:
ADD(Q1,None of the above)

Q3 is skipped if Q2=None of the above. For Q3, I want brands chosen on Q2 + None of the above.

How do I go about to write the constructed list for Q3?
asked Mar 27 by anonymous

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Here's a solution that should have you heading in the right direction ...

You have not mentioned the list name of your parent list or the code numbers in that parent list.

Let us assume the list name is BrandList which consists of 10 brands (1-10) and code 11 is "None of the above".

So applying the above assumptions, your Q3 constructed list will look like this ...

Note: I have also assumed you would like to randomise your brands. Remove the Randomize() instruction if I have assumed incorrectly.

And simply change your list name and the code numbers to your specific situation.
answered Mar 27 by Paul Moon Platinum (89,980 points)
Thanks  Paul, works perfectly!