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Send Email via survey


I try to send an Email at the end of the survey. When the participant finished to fill the survey, an email is sended to me.

It's possible to program this ?
I use the function Send Email in the library and Lighthouse 9.10.0, I put this code in my footer :

[% Begin Unverified Perl

use Net::SMTP::SSL;

# Parameters
my $to = 'xxx@xx.org';
my $subject = 'Test';
my $body = 'Mail test';
my $authUser = 'xxx@xx.org';
my $authPass = 'xxx';

my $smtp = Net::SMTP::SSL->new('mail.xxx.org', Port => 25);

if ($smtp) {
      $smtp -> auth($authUser, $authPass);
      $smtp -> mail($authUser);
      if ($smtp -> to ($to)) {
            $smtp -> data();
            $smtp -> datasend("To: $to\n");
            $smtp -> datasend("From: $authUser\n");
            $smtp -> datasend("Subject: $subject\n");
            $smtp -> datasend("\n");
            $smtp -> datasend("$body\n");
            $smtp -> dataend();
      $smtp -> quit;
      return 1;

End Unverified %]

But I have a Sawtooth Error # 132.

I try to remove the word "SSL" (like a post in the forum), I have this error :
Can't locate Net/SMTP/SSL.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Net::SMTP::SSL module).

I have to install something ? But it will be good on the computer of the participant ?

Could you help me please ?

Thank you.
asked Mar 23 by Virginie

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