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the sentence above or similar ones are shown when I am looking at my data in lighthouse studio > Field > Data Management > View/Edit Data. It's just shown in the answer categories "Other:".

Do you know what this means?

Thanks in advance
asked Mar 13 by Julia
Is this in data that has been collected in the field, or when generating artificial data in L/Studio?
It was displayed within the collected field data.. But as I exported just the completed data as an excel file from the lighthouse studio, it was displayed correctly in excel, but still false in lighthouse

1 Answer

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My guess is you have some test data in there created with the data generator.  When it hits a text field it defaults to the "lorem ipsum" placeholder text that is often used for sample text in print and design work.  You can probably additionally verify by looking at the other fields like the timestamp of the data (was it created before you started data collection for real), instead of a browser and operating system it will just say Lighthouse in those fields, the sys_DataSource variable will have a value of 6, etc.

Lighthouse does not automatically keep your local database in sync with a published survey in case you have more than one version of the survey going, or have online plus offline/paper and pencil, etc.
answered Mar 15 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (52,530 points)