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TURF with multiple selections

My understanding of TURF analysis is that, in general terms, it creates optimal portfolios so that the greatest proportion of consumers finds at least one of the options appealing. Is there any study, theory, analysis, way to calculate, etc. that considers that the consumer may desire multiple choices from the portfolio? In other words, can I create a portfolio of say 12 items such that the greatest proportion of consumers finds at least 3 of the items desirable? Think perhaps of a buffet where a person will eat at the buffet if it has at least three choices that they like, but will not eat there if it has only two or fewer.
asked Mar 12 by segrin (355 points)

2 Answers

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Choosing the TURF reach criterion leads to multiple possibilities indeed.  The first choice threshold is one (and this is available in our TURF software).  A continuous probability of choice method is also available, which considers in a weighted way (proportional to probabilities of choice) how all the items reach you.  And, there are middling choices as you mention (top-2, top-3 reach), which our software doesn't do.

Personally, I wish we also supported the top-2, top-3 criterion, so our users would have yet another option to try for reach criterion.  However, I feel very good about the proportional probability of reach approach, which does a great job leveraging the strength of the probability scores we can derive from a MaxDiff experiment (using the logit equation).
answered Mar 12 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (184,940 points)
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Following up on Bryan's answer, while our software doesn't support functions like defining reach to mean "finds at least 3 items desirable" it certainly is possible to do.  I know some folks build custom TURF tools in Excel and I know there's a turfR program in R (though I can't vouch for it because I've not yet tried it out).
answered Mar 12 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (102,900 points)