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MBC free format questions

Hi all,

We are programming the free format questions for the MBC. We want respondents to decide how many items they want to pick based on the price per item. Ideally, we would like to implement a button (when respondents click the button the item will increase by one) or dropdown, in which respondents can input numbers. We are also open to any other alternatives you may have.

We are currently using the check box (please see the code below). We want to know how to improve the check box to let respondents input numbers.
    <tr class="clickable">
        <td class="input_cell">
            [%CheckSelect(mbcRandom1_a, 1)%]
            Users (Per user) &nbsp;$    
            <script type="text/javascript">
                document.write(Prices[strBaseName + "1"]);
            </script>/mo <br> 

Can anyone please share any example code or any idea about how to make this work (let respondents decide how many items they want to pick based on the price per item)?

Many thanks!
asked Mar 11, 2021 by Yolanda-Wong (440 points)
You want to display the price multiplied by the number entered by respondents?
Yes, exactly! I can't find any example code on the Sawtooth website. Can you please provide me with any example code or any suggestions? Appreciate it!
This can be done, but there are a number of details that need to be known.  Where are numeric inputs in your exercise, where are the base prices, where should the total prices be displayed?  How are prices being formatted?  Are we printing one multiplied price per item of the MBC or one single multiplied price per page?

Could you share more of your HTML with us, or send support a copy of your .ssi?
Thank you very much! I just sent a copy of our .ssi to support.

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