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Maxdiff task with item pre-selected based on previous choice

I am creating some Maxdiff training material in a study.

After some explanation, I have created a 5-item, 1-set, 1-version, Best Only Maxdiff exercise (example1)– they choose their preferred item.

I created a duplicate 1-set, Maxdiff exercise (example2) with the same 5 items & same design. This one is Best and Worst – they choose their most and least preferred item.

The 2 sets are identical - I would like the item they chose as Best in the first exercise to appear as already selected when they go to the next page, the next exercise – ie they only have to select the Worst item in the second set.

Is that possible?
asked Mar 10 by dan r Bronze (2,830 points)
Two clarifying questions:

* This could be done with a single MaxDiff instead, hiding the row / column of Worst until a Best is chosen.  Would this make analysis cleaner, or would you prefer to stick with two exercises?

* Should respondents be able to change their Best in the second exercise?
Thanks for the speedy response Zachary
An interesting choice!

If we stuck with my 2-exercise approach, then changing their answer is fine - it is just a trivial example to get them used to the structure of the sets, and the 2 choices they make.

Hiding the row / column of Worst until a Best is chosen is more elegant, but I think it loses the sequential aspect of explanation, unless it is possible to have text appear after they choose the Best saying, something like, "and you also choose your Least Preferred item”.

Have you seen your suggested, 1-exercise approach, in operation – I guess if it is tried and tested I would go for that (I would of course be grateful for either!).


1 Answer

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I haven't seen either.  I mostly just stick to writing code for customizing surveys - I can't comment on what ends up out there or what best practices others are doing.  Someone else on this forum might be able to offer more insight there, but my guess would be that it wouldn't be a big deal as these are just practice questions rather than your actual MaxDiff.

That said, to implement the two-exercise option, you just need to include this in your second exercise:

    SSI_SetSelect('[% QuestionName() %]_b_[% mxd1_1_b %]', true);

"mxd1" should be replaced with the name of the first MaxDiff exercise.
answered Mar 10 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (171,950 points)
The consensus here is that  version works really nicely  and is very clear for respondents

Thanks as always Zachary