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Display levels in Must Have / Unaccepable task only differently from screening and choice tornament.

I have quite a few attributes with binary levels (i.e. Included/Not included). I have left the (Not included) levels as Blank so they don't appear at all in the product concepts in Screening and Choice tournament task. Now this creates a problem in Must have & Unacceptable tasks where when system shows 'Not included' level it creates blanks instead. Is their a way so when these blanks appear in Must have and Unacceptable tasks than they are replaced by text saying: " Attribute name+ Not included"?
asked Mar 9, 2021 by hamza.binikram (265 points)

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Please try replacing your empty level labels with HTML akin to this:

<span class="notIncluded"></span>

Then add this script to the footer of your Must Haves and Unacceptables:

    $('.notIncluded').text('Not included.');
answered Mar 9, 2021 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (207,300 points)
selected Mar 10, 2021 by hamza.binikram
Great, thank you, this worked as intended :)

A follow up question on this is can I do same with BYO task? I tried the same code in footer of BYO but that does not replace blanks from drop down list with 'Not included', do I need to do something else for that?
That would work if you were using radio buttons in your BYO, but dropdowns don't allow HTML, so that "<span>" is effectively replaced with just the contents of the span (blank in this case).  Instead of using the JavaScript in the BYO, try putting your BYO text within the span, then using the JavaScript on all non-BYO questions to replace it with an empty string or with whatever text you want displayed in those questions.
Thank you, I have switch to radio button option and yes it works and better than drop down list. Thank you for your help :)
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