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Numeric response determines number of Rows in Grid Question

I have 2 Grid Questions (adultgrid, kidgrid), on separate pages.
The rows of these Grid Questions are of the form:
Adult 1
Adult 2

Child 1
Child 2

At the moment I have to provide many rows to accommodate the possibility of large numbers.
I would like the number of rows in each of the Grid Questions to be determined by responses to 2 earlier numeric Qs  (adultnumb, kidnumb).

Eg adultnumb=3 generates these rows in adultgrid:
Adult 1
Adult 2
Adult 3
(If either of adultnumb or kidnumb equal zero I skip the associated Grid Q)

 hope someone can help.

asked Mar 5 by dan r Bronze (2,790 points)

1 Answer

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So long as the numeric is on a different page, you can do this with a constructed list with instructions like this:

Add(MyList, 1, MyNumericQ)

"MyList" being the name of the predefined list and "MyNumericQ" being the name of the numeric question, of course.

Set your grid question to use that constructed list and you should be all set.
answered Mar 5 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (171,525 points)
Great, thank you.