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ACBC Data management, View/Edit Data, and columns

Dear Sawtooth,

After I get data from the ACBC survey in Lighthouse Studio, I find in View/Edit Data section (in Data Management) there are some columns which are from my previous questionnaire version (I’ve modified the questionnaire after piloting in this study). There are no data in these columns now. Why these columns/questions appear in View/Edit Data section? I did not include them in my final questionnaire version. I’m just concerned if they bring impact on the results now.

Another question regarding the View/Edit Data:
In View/Edit Data, it shows the first three concepts data records in Screening section first and the fourth concept data records are not with the three concepts data, but appear at the end (I have four concepts per screening task in the final questionnaire version). I suppose this is because I set three concepts in the Screening section in the previous questionnaire version, and in the final version, I updated as four concepts. Will this sequential problem have impact on the results?

P.S. These previous columns/questions and the sequential issue in Screening are not in the CSV file downloaded from admin module.

Thanks in advance.
asked Mar 1 by Xinlei Hu (340 points)

1 Answer

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Additional columns in the database inside Lighthouse Studio shouldn't cause any problems.  When running your counts analysis or modeling, it's just going to look at the columns it needs.  You usually only run into trouble when you start collecting data and make a fundamental change to the design, like adding or removing attributes and levels or changing the number of questions, etc.  Mixing data from different design settings is where things usually get incompatible.

If these columns are no longer part of your survey, you can click on the top left cell to select all, then click on the delete columns icon on the top right to nuke everything local.  Then download the data again from the live survey and the extra columns should go away.
answered Mar 1 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (52,530 points)
Thank you very much, Brian!