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calling grid response

I am calling a grid response from a list.  The grid is row-oriented. I want to skip a question in cases where they did not mark the first column (1)  in row 3.  The question name is: NHa so I am trying NHa_r3_c1<>1 but that isn't right.  Any assistance greatly appreciated!
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asked Feb 26 by sallen Bronze (1,645 points)
closed Feb 26 by sallen
Have you set your skip correctly as a pre skip possibly? If set as a post skip at the question you want to skip,  it won't work.
I just get the message that NHa_r3_c1 is not a valid identifier when I check the skip logic.  It is set up as a post-skip for the question that proceeds the question I want to skip.
I think I figured out the issue.  It works with NHa_r3<>1.  Thanks!
If you aren't certain of any variable names, you can look in to the Data section of the admin module or start typing your variable in skip logic. You can see the valid variable names appear that way.
I am wondering if it possible to use this type of script in branching?  Can you call particular columns within branching script to avoid skip logic?  For example, I have a row-direction grid and if any row of DA08 selected column 1 or column 4, DA08b would be the dependent question.