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Meaning of variables in ACBC data export

Dear Sawtooth community,

For some respondents, the ACBC data export (from the admin module) provides information for the following variables:

sys_ACBC_ACBC_atts, sys_ACBC_ACBC_rejected2, sys_ACBC_ACBC_dealWinner1, sys_ACBC_ACBC_bestDEff1, sys_ACBC_ACBC_design2, sys_ACBC_ACBC_levelCnt2, etc.

I could not find any definition for these variables. What do they stand for in particular? And why are they empty for some respondents, and for some not? (even respondents who finished the survey (qualified) sometimes do not have anything inside those variable cells).
asked Feb 24 by danny Bronze (1,260 points)

1 Answer

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ACBC exercises have a lot of moving parts, and a some things are used more as diagnostics or to build different parts of the survey.  

DEf should be storing the d-efficiency of the designs, design# is the initial creation of the profiles that respondents will see (like design1 is the initial set of say 20 profiles, design2 is replacement profiles when someone uses a must-have or unacceptable question), levelCnt keeps track of how often the levels were used in the design variables, etc.

So they are in the data because a lot of them get used when building reports and doing the modeling inside Lighthouse Studio, but the short answer is they aren't intended to be eye-balled and have you glean anything interesting or relevant from them :)
answered Feb 24 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (52,530 points)