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Latent Class Segmentation in Construct List MaxDiff

Hi Guys,

Previously I had run a constructed list maxdiff where respondents answered a random subset of 41 items from a parent list of 61.

The client has since come back and asked to segment on these so I have been trying to run latent class analysis - both in lighthouse and in the separate tool.

However I keep getting error messages in LatentClass CBC and in Lighthouse it wont get past "preparing to estimate"

Does the random subset prevent me from being able to use latent class in this instance?


asked Feb 23 by djtindall Bronze (645 points)
What are the error messages you receive?
"there was a problem coding a concept for a task"
What versions of Lighthouse and Latent Class are you using?
Latent Class 4.7.1
Lighthouse 9.9.2
Thanks Walter  - Literally just as you sent the last update Lighthouse started churning out segments! Typical...I'll see if they make sense, must have just been an old version of LC not liking the format

1 Answer

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Relevant Items MaxDiff should work just fine in this instance. We will need to look at the dataset to figure out what's going wrong. Please send your files to support so they can forward them to me.
answered Feb 23 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,480 points)