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distance-based ranking question

Hi everone,

is there a way to implement a distance-based ranking question?
The idea is to have one continuous scale (Worst brand = 1, Best brand = 100) and a couple of brand logos that shall be positioned along this continuum. The current ranking question only supports equal distances between options as far as I know..

asked Feb 22, 2021 by Kathrin (440 points)
One possible option is to use a constant sum question where a total of 100 points is allocated to the brands. The total appears at the bottom and is automatically updated as the respondent enters the brand values. You can randomise the brands also. This caters for your weighting issue that the ranking question could not offer.
Hi Paul,

I'm not sure how I would set this up to solve my problem. The idea is that every single brand can be awarded any number between 1 and 100, the total across brands is irrelevant for me.

What i'm looking for is displayed here in Abb 2.11 (page 61):

Best regards
Maybe a single column numeric grid where total does not get displayed? Brand scores can be inserted individually.

Another alternative which is more graphical is the multi-row sliders.

If the standard question types do not meet your requirements, may I suggest you contact Sawtooth Software support directly at Support@SawtoothSoftware.com. They're very good.
Does this need to be a ranking question, or would a semantic diff satisfy?  You can use that question to give each brand their own slider that goes from 1 to 100.

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