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Pass back user Information

I am using SSI Web for my whole survey (not linking to another survey during the questionnaire) - for an Adaptive-Conjoint-Analysis.

I am working with a company which provides people answering my questionnaire.
They sent me three links I have to integrate to the Terminate/Link question that the respondents will come back to the company's homepage.
The company send me, when the respondent opens my survey, a code or a user ID (they integrate it in the link I will send them for my study). They told me to put a "pass-in"field just in the beginning of the survey (I think I know where I find this field) and put in this pass-in field a variable which takes or save the code (they send me with the respondent) in the beginning of the survey and  send back this code to them that they can check which respondent answer or rather not answer the survey.

My question now ist what do I have to do or rather to put into the "pass-in" field that it takes this code sending from the company?
I don't want to integrate passwords or s.th. like that. Does it work without because they generate the specific IDs?

Really needs your help and would be thankful for any suggestions to solve my problem!

asked Jan 24, 2013 by anonymous
retagged Jan 24, 2013 by Walter Williams

2 Answers

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Paula - on your start page, create 3 pass-in fields named to match what the company is sending you. Then in the Terminate/Link urls they have given you, add the variables for the pass-in fields. Example:  www.company.com/theirscript.php?passin1=[%passin1%]&passin2=[%passin2%]&passin3=[%passin3%]
answered Jan 24, 2013 by anonymous
what to type into the pass-in field?
Thank you very much for your help!!
But what do I need to type into the pass-in field? could you explain what exactly I do need to do step by step? I got three links from the panel-company that is correct (one for quota, for screenout and for respondents who finished the survey successfully). What do I need to type in the pass-in field on the left side and what do I choose next to it: text or whole number?

And do I need to put this "questionnaire access and password" field on top of my question list with nothing more in it than the pass-in field?
I created now a new field just below the "questionnaire access and password" field without any page break. This field contains now my welcome text. Or is it possible to write my welcome to the survey text in the  "questionnaire access and password" field as well as putting the pass-in field there?

Thank you so much for your help - I will definately select your answer as the best!

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There is a short video at https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/support/issues/ssiweb/help_movies/pass_in_info.htm that shows an example of passing information in to the survey as part of the link.

In general, though, if my panel company calls it something like RID or PID, then I'm going to create a password or pass-in field that is exactly the same.  I can then reference that field anywhere else in the survey (including the redirect link at the end) by placing it within scripting tags: [%RID%] or [%PID%].  The advantage of passwords is that you can check a box in the Options tab to Allow respondent-defined passwords.  This will accept any pass-ed in password as long as it hasn't been used by someone else.  Using unique passwords allows respondents to restart where they left off if they leave and come back using the same link.

So, if currently my survey was at www.brian.com/login.html, I had a studyname of Pizza and my panel company had an identifier of PID, I would give them this link:

www.brian.com/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=Pizza&PID=##### with instructions to replace #### with the panel ID number

Then they are going to give me something like "Send completes to www.panel.com/complete?PID=%%%%" with instructions to me to replace %%%% with the panel ID number.  So, in my terminate/link settings, I would set my link for completed respondents to go to www.panel.com/complete?PID=[%PID%]
answered Jan 24, 2013 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (50,625 points)
Hi all, and thanks for this useful discussion,

I'm trying to test if my survey can be correctly accessed from outside and if the information is being correctly sent to the survey as part of the link. I'm testing it with localhost, so I thought that the link to use was:

("var1", "var2" and "var3" are pass-in fields, the first two being of type number, the last one being text)

Unfortunately, this is not working yet. What may I be doing wrong? Does that have something to do with the fact that the tests are being made locally?

Many thanks,
When you run locally, the link changes to ciwweb.exe, rather than ciwweb.pl.  Since we're running something usually run on a server in Perl, we have to account for the fact that Windows doesn't support Perl natively, so it's kind of like an executable is wrapped around the Perl code so that Windows can run it, if that makes sense.
Thank you for your prompt reply. I made the change you mentioned, and it worked. Among other things, I just don't get it why now the survey skips the introduction page, starting straight from the first answer. Perhaps you have a hint on this?

Thanks again for the help & explanation!
(meanwhile, I'll put the survey online for testing purposes - I wouldn't be surprised if the aforementioned issue had to do with it being run locally)
I finally got it. The link I was using bypasses the start question (it assumes that there is a username / password provided in the link...), so to start from the very beginning, it must be this way:

Thanks again.
That's just the way login-bypass links work, they skip the start page and the respondent starts on page 2 even if you don't have a password.
Sorry for the "spam", but it seems that something is being lost in the process. I call the survey correctly (like I mentioned in my previous comment), but when I terminate the survey and the redirect is made, var1, var2 and var3 are empty in the redirect link. I've defined the pass-in fields in the start question and I'm calling them as [%var1%], [%var2%] and [%var3%] in the terminate/link question, so I don't know what possibly is going wrong... sorry for bothering you, Brian, if you know something on this please let me know, ok?
I'd try to troubleshoot things by placing a text/filler right before my terminate/link.  Copy and paste what you currently have as the link so that you can view it before the redirect takes place.  If the variables are blank, you are either referencing them incorrectly or they aren't being passed in correctly.  Note that v8 has an ability to disable terminate/link pages for testing so you don't have to take these additional steps.
As I was suspecting, variables are blank, even in the debugging question. I'm referring them as http://myredirect.com/?var1=[%var1%]&var2=[%var2%]&var3=[%var3%], so I guess I must be assigning them incorrectly in the beginning of the survey, but frankly I don't know what I must be missing. Just to be clear, I'll point out what I did, which was simply declaring the variables with the same name as I'm referring it in the "Pass-in Fields" tab of the start question. Am I missing something? By the way, I have version 7.0.26.

Thanks for all.
Meanwhile, I can confirm that the initialization is being well done, since that when I use the login-bypass link the variables are correctly stored and the link is redirected as desired, which leaves me almost certain that I'm initially referring to the survey in an incorrect way. Very strange, indeed...
It might be better for you to send in your .ssi file and let me know what links you are using.  If you capture a variable called var1 you should be able to reference it by putting [%var1%] anywhere in the survey.
Ok, I'll do it. Thank you very much for your availability!
Finally solved. Just for future reference, in case anyone deals with the same doubt / problem I had, it seems that it isn't possible to send pass-in fields in a survey link without bypassing the Start question. So, in this case it must be used the login-bypass link (the aforementioned one with "ciwwe.exe" on it), and therefore pass the content that before belonged to the Start question to a second Text / Filler question, so the respondents can still see all the survey's content.

Bye & thanks for all!