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sys_UserJavaScript in data generation

Hi everyone,

I want to simulate some data before recruiting actual respondents. However, all generated cases have sys_UserJavaScript=off, which leads to weird data as I'm using quite a bit of javascript throughout the survey.

Is there a way to simulate data with sys_UserJavaScript=ON?
asked Feb 4, 2021 by Kathrin (440 points)

1 Answer

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JavaScript runs in a browser so I don't think custom things like question verification will run when using the default data generator since it's more like "programatically" reading the page and answering.  In the data generator area, you can check a box to use a browser and it will run the survey in a simplified browser.  This should allow JavaScript code to run, though it can only do one respondent at a time so it takes a lot longer.
answered Feb 4, 2021 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,375 points)