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Categorization data values?

I have a question about the Categorization question by Zachary Anderson.

I used this question in my survey, but I'm confused when looking at the data.
I have 6 rows and two columns ("Have heard of" and "have not heard of").

For each of the rows, I have two columns.
That said, I would expect for only two possible response options-
Checked and unchecked (1 and 2 I'm guessing from looking at the data).

I'm confused because I see "3's" and "4's" in the data...anyone have an explanation?
asked Jan 26 by anonymous

2 Answers

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My first thought would be that you have your question direction set to columns, not rows.  If so it will record the column responses down for all rows (meaning responses 1-6 possible).
answered Jan 26 by Jay Rutherford Gold (39,625 points)
Sorry, I answered before I looked.  Yes the categorization question is column specific.  So for your first column (_C1 in your data) it will show all the row items 1-6 that were put into that category.  Then the second column (_C2 in your data) will show the row items 1-6 that were put under that category.
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Categorization records not only which category items were put into, but also the order that the items were placed into the category.  For each row, only one column should have a value.  Which column that is indicates which category the item was put into.  Which value is recorded indicates the position of the item within that category.

You could temporarily remove this from the question's CSS to see how the responses change in real time:

#[% QuestionName() %]_div > .question_body > .inner_table {
    display: none;

If you placed the first three items in the first category and the last three in the second, I'd expect the data to look like this:

Categorization_r1_c1 = 1
Categorization_r2_c1 = 2
Categorization_r3_c1 = 3
Categorization_r4_c2 = 1
Categorization_r5_c2 = 2
Categorization_r6_c2 = 3
answered Jan 26 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (164,025 points)