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RFC excel-plugin _ different results when opening the excel


I did a CBC conjoint and made an excel simulator.
Because I have different attributes and was experiencing IIA (red-bus/blue-bus) issues, I implemented the RFC excel-plugin into my simulator.

What I am now experiencing, is that the output of the preference shares based on the RFC calculations is not always the same.
Sometimes, when opening the simulator on another computer, or when opening an older version of the simulator simultaneously, the values change (although the market setup stays the same).

Is this something anyone has experienced before?
Should the RFC calculations give me the same result every single time? Or should I expect differences, as there might be different iterations and thus outcomes?

I am struggling with this problem, as I don't want my results to change, and definitely don't want my client to get other results than I get.

many thanks
asked Jan 26 by Tina Van Regenmortel (245 points)

1 Answer

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The plugin and simulator are designed to provide consistent results. However, there have been instances where a processor or operating in a virtual machine such as Parallels on Mac have resulted in minor differences.

If you're concerned about the magnitude of the differences, please contact support with your files, who can then forward them to me so I can see if anything is going wrong.
answered Jan 26 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,280 points)