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Assignment Task

Hi everyone,

we have a survey coming up where respondents are shown a bunch of brand logos. They have to pick the brand names from a list of brands (more than logos shown) and assign the correct name to each logo:

[Logo A]   [Logo B]    [Logo C]
[Placeholders for brand names below/next to the logos]   

Brand name A
Brand name B
Brand name C
Brand name D
Brand name E

Has anyone programmed something like this before and got any suggestions on how to do this? Ideally, it should work on mobile too.

Best regards
asked Jan 26 by Kathrin
If you want to program in correct answers that respondents must provide in order to continue, that can be done with some simple custom JavaScript verification.

As for implementing the question, I'd think that comes down to how you want respondents to interact with the page.  Seems like this could be done simply with a grid question or a series of select questions, or could be done in a more advanced way with something like "Categorization" from the Community Question Library.  How are you imagining this page appearing to respondents?
Hi Zarachary,

Thanks for your reply. I found a solution in the meantime using a grid question with drop downs, showing brand logos as column headers and a drop-down below each logo containing the brand name list.

My first thought was a drag and drop style question as can be done with the ranking, but the brand name list was too long for this to be used friendly.

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