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Analyzing differences between groups CBC (HB)

I think my question is simple, but I am a bit confused about interpreting right now.
I did a CBC and estimated utilities and parth worth utilities using HB.
Now I want to test my hypothesis, which says "females have higher parth worth utilities for sustainable design in t-shirts than men." and something like "the attribute price more important for women than for men."

Can I just analyze the data within excel using a filter and see the individual mean data or is there a test, with a significance level which says the hypothesis is accepted? Like a t-test or something?
I am using Lighthouse 9.9.0.

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend :)
asked Jan 22 by Mona Sarah

1 Answer

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Yes, using traditional statistical tests like that is one way to test your hypotheses.
answered Jan 22 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (102,900 points)
Thank you Keith! So I export my individual utilities (zero centered?) to SPSS and to a t-Test for my females/males. But how can I test for the importances? Sorry, I am a bit irritated right now. Thought I can do it in Lighthouse. Didn’t find the function to export.
From the Analysis area in Lighthouse Studio, make sure you've got your HB run showing as the current tab.  Then, click the blue cog (gear icon) to the immediate right of the Export Utilities on the Toolbar.  Check the box that says, "Include individual importances".  Now when you export the HB utilities, importance scores will also be included as the last few columns.