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Results in Excel RFC simulator are not close to the results from Choice Simulator

Hello -

I created an Excel Simulator from "Choice Simulator".  When I open the Excel Simulator, the Shares of Preference are not close to the results displayed in the Choice Simulator with the same simulation parameters (Products, attributes for products).

e.g. in the Excel RFC for one of the products, the stated share of preference is 32.33%, s.e. of 4.2%.  In Choice Simulator, the stated share of preference for the same product is 20.5%.  (the relative share across products in simulation are also all quite different).  Have confirmed exponent is the same, number of products is the same, attributes are all the same.

I understand that it may not replicate exactly, but it's quite different
asked Jan 21 by anonymous

1 Answer

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As long as the settings are the same, you should get the same results. You may want to send your files to support to see why this might be happening.
answered Jan 21 by Walter Williams Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (21,155 points)