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Sending emails from a survey in Lighthouse Studio 9.9.2

Hi everyone,

We tried to program something like an email validation process the following way:

1.    In Survey A we ask people to enter their email details
2.    Then after clicking “Next” we would like to send an email to their inbox with a verification link, which will contain a link to a second Survey B. Every respondent will also have a unique password generated in Survey A, passed in the link and will access Survey B with it.
3.    When people receive the email and click on the link they will end up in Survey B. There they will complete some more questions.

We found references to this being possible in Lighthouse:


However, when we tested it we got the following error:

Server Error: Can't locate Net/SMTP/SSL.pm in @INC

Could you please advise if there is any specific module that needs to be installed for Perl on the Server?

Thanks and regards,
asked Jan 20 by MiraM (350 points)

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