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How can I generate individual link for each participant to pass in their email address?

I generate a  general link through the lighthouse with a pass in the email address.
How can I generate 5000 links for each of my participants? I assume I should use excel and CONCATENATE function, is that a good way to do?

How can I send that individual link to each participant?  is there any way?
asked Jan 17 by Hassan
We don't currently offer mass email sending with our software, but Paul's explanation below is correct that you can set up pass-in (linking) variables.  Excel with concatenate is the way I do it to join the base survey URL+variable_name+variable_value into a single string like you are thinking

1 Answer

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You can create generic or unique survey links and pass in the email address via the survey link.

Example ...
Add &EmailAddress=jacksmith@abcd.com to the end of each of your 5,000 links.

You can use Excel to assist in the individual survey link generation.

You can also apply unique survey links and import the 5,000 passwords or IDs with the email address via the merged fields option. This option has you importing the email addresses rather than passing in via the survey link. I prefer this option myself. It keeps your survey links shorter.
answered Jan 18 by Paul Moon Platinum (87,315 points)