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Assessing willingness to pay in one group but maximizing utility in another group?

Hello, I have a situation that seems like it falls outside of the bounds of a typical conjoint and I'd like to get some advice.

The situation is that I'm designing a new product for consumers. Naturally, this means using tools like a conjoint to determine the levels of each attribute that will make the product as appealing as possible.

While I'd typically include price as an attribute in this conjoint, it doesn't quite make sense here because consumers aren't directly going to be paying for this new product. Instead, consumers who have elected to receive the product will be directed to contractors and it is these contractors are the ones that will be paying a fee (i.e., a B2B transaction).

My question is how I should go about integrating information from these two groups. Typically, the same group of people are both receiving the product and paying the fee so it makes sense to include attributes for the new product and price in the same conjoint. For example, it's worth seeing how people might evaluate attributes for a new phone while also having them keep in mind the corresponding costs. In my case, I'm trying to maximize interest in one group (consumers) and assess willingness to pay in another (contractors).

Is there some special design that makes sense for this situation? Or, should I just do two conjoints (one with consumers and one with contractors)? Is this a situation that people often encounter and if so, how is it typically solved?

Any help would be appreciated!
asked Jan 13, 2021 by andrew_dorsey (120 points)

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