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creating boxes for monetary values and dates

I have a number of questions that are asking for both dates (just month/year) and monetary values (in US$) that range from $00.00 to $0000.00 values depending on the question.  I have used free format but it really is not a great -looking solution.  Is there solution like what has been written for phone numbers for either of these?  Thanks!
asked Jan 13 by sallen (440 points)
For a single input field like your monetary value, you could use a numeric question rather than a free format.

For month and year, I know some users might use a grid question for something like that.  First column asks the month, second column asks the year.  That might look more like what you want, but it is ultimately subjective based on how you want your questions to appear.

For phone numbers, this item from the Community Question Library might be helpful for you:

Thanks, Zachary.  Yes, I was able to use the phone number question.  I was hoping their was an easy solution like that for monetary questions.  I was not sure how to get the $ to show up or if it is possible to have clear boxes for each number.
Place "$" in the "Question" field in the numeric question setting.

I don't know what is meant by "clear boxes."
Thanks, Zachary. I am not sure where that would go.  I see "minimum value, maximum value, don't know, and question width only". On the boxes, I mean having established boxes for each number as does the phone number question.  Perhaps I just need to adjust that one?
The "Question" field is on the first tab, between "Header 2" and "Footer."

If you go the grid approach or the free format approach for month and year, you should be able to have two distinct input elements on the page.
Thanks, Zachary.  I am using that field for my question text. Should I be using something else?
If you place a dollar sign there, it will appear to the left of the input.

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