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max-diff looping

Hi Team,

I have a study in Confirmit, which redirects to sawtooth and back in confirmIT( i.e Confirmit --> sawtooth -->Confirmit). My sawtooth study just has a Max-diff and Termination node; which basically points back to confirmit study.  When I take a test link directly from Sawtooth it works fine which means Max-diff is shown and then it goes to Confirmit. But when I take a live link from Confirmit then it goes from Confirmit to sawtooth which is correct, but then the Max-diff part goes in a loop and never enters to Confirmit again. Please suggest.

asked Jan 11, 2021 by Ashu
Does this behavior happen when you test the MaxDiff survey locally?  Does it happen if you enter directly into the MaxDiff?  Do you have any skips or loops set up in the survey?  Please provide this information along with your files to support@sawtoothsoftware.com and we can see if we can figure out the issue.

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