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asking for month and year only

Hi Zachary, if I am just interested in the month and year, how can I create a question like that?  I tried adjusting the html for the calendar question to delete that variable but the calendar still appears.  Is there a way to adjust to not have to select a date or use a numeric format that has a place for month and year?
related to an answer for: Starting date in calendar pop up
asked Jan 10 by sallen (440 points)
OK.  I am not sure.  I created a new free format variable, made a numerical variable for month and year but the html is completely empty.
Maybe I missing something I need to add.  All of the free format questions do not have a tool option that I can see or any html.
Click the pencil button next to the HTML, then look for a hammer button within that window.
OK.  This format works sometimes.  Other times, I get an error unless i make it the first question on a page.  Not sure why that is.
What error?

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