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Can I set up an alternative-specific design in new online simulator?

Is there a way to set up an alternative-specific design in the new online simulator (app.sawtoothsoftware.com)? I loaded the utilities from an HB run I did in CBC/HB and created a .labels file to go along with it. The design is very simple... one attribute with 4 levels, then an alternative-specific price attribute for each of those 4 levels. However, I can't see any way to designate the last 4 attributes as alt-spec. It looks like it's requiring me to choose a level for each attribute to run the simulations.

Is there any way for me to use the online simulator for this design?
asked Jan 5, 2021 by anonymous

1 Answer

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It's named a little differently in the simulator where you can "Allow N/A" for an attribute to allow it to be missing.  In the project, click on the Settings tab on the top left, then on the Attributes side menu and you can check the box to Allow N/A for attributes that should be allowed to be missing (because of your alt-spec design).
answered Jan 6, 2021 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (55,670 points)