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Putting "None of these" ON the select button instead of above it.

I found a post about changing the button text for the None option here:

However, I was wondering whether it is also possible to only have the button for the None option, and not the text above.

So instead of having the text "None of these" followed by the "Select" button below it; I would like to have the "None of these" ON the select button and no additional text above the button.
Is that in any way possible?

Many thanks!
asked Dec 18, 2020 by Tina Van Regenmortel (415 points)
I think that code ought to work, but its CSS selector makes me a little hesitant that it could fail depending on what else exists on the same page.  Can you try replacing this:


with this:

#[% QuestionName() %]_div .none_concept .task_select_button
Hi Zachary,
After I hide the text "NONE: I wouldn't choose any of these." and change the button text to "None of these" for CBC, the button is no longer centered. This is weird. Can you please provide any suggestions on how to make it center again? Many thanks!
Hi Zachary,
I tried adjusting the button size. Now it's centered. Please ignore my question in the previous comment. Thanks!

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