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ACA None of these utility

We never use ACA, but seemed to fit what we are looking at for this study.  Rather than assume, just wanted to confirm that the last stage of ACA is a calibration stage - meaning it's used to help generate a None of these utility value?  Also, in our instance, it feels like a scaled calibration question would work better - I think it defaults to a 0-100, but I would image we could change this to a 5-point scale and still get the same None utility?

Thanks,  Steve
asked Dec 15, 2020 by stevetlg.com Bronze (525 points)

1 Answer

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ACA did not have a "None Utility".  The ACA Calibration question does not lead to creation of a None utility.

The ACA Calibration question was used to rescale the utilities so that when applied to the "Purchase Likelihood" market simulation method, you would get a prediction on a 100-point scale for individual products that were specified in the simulator.

It sounds like what you're fishing for is ACBC with its calibration question, which indeed is a 5-point scale and produces a None utility.
answered Dec 15, 2020 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (189,140 points)