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Constant sum Total Error

Hi, everyone,

I have a constant sum question with 5 values,
I don't want to check/error in total, I need a free total without any error/check.

asked Dec 10, 2020 by Ali Raza Bronze (930 points)

1 Answer

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I have a few workable solutions for your problem.

1/ Using a numeric grid question instead of a constant sum.

2/ Using a constant sum question that allows a total value below and above your specified total under Settings.

Let's start with the numeric grid. Create a column direction grid. The columns will use one blank item in a parent list. The rows are your 5 items. High-light your 1 column item when you are in the grid question and select numeric. Set the range. Under rows, tick the Totals Row. You now have a question that looks like a constant sum question without validation checks.

Now on to the constant sum question ...
Go to the Advanced button at the bottom left and click on Constant Sum Settings. You can enter large numbers here (above and below) so the constant sum check will never fail.

Just to add one final comment, you also have fancy solutions with JavaScript too to display a total.
answered Dec 10, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
edited Dec 10, 2020 by Paul Moon
constants sum check
I need a total between 5 to 99999, if the total less than 5 then an error shows
Click on the Advanced button of the Constant Sum question and there is a Constant Sum Settings that allows you to specify amounts above and below the total value that would be acceptable.  So, if you wanted respondents to enter in any value between 5 and 99999, the constant sum setting could be "sum to 99999" and then in the Advanced settings you could specify "Amount below the Total value: 99994" and that should give you an effective range of 5 to 99999 for the answer.
thanks, it has done.
one little query,
Q1: the total of constant sum question like 155, and
Q2:next question in grid numeric and answer is like 160, I want the error in Q2 because q1 total not grater than to Q2 answer
You can enter question names in the boxes for min/max values on numeric inputs.  So if Q1 is answered first, then you can put the minimum value setting of Q2 to be Q1 by typing Q1 into the appropriate box (instead of a specific value like 100)
Thanks Brian. I use that option myself very often.

Not sure this is exactly what they needed here but thanks for pointing it out.

It should add to their knowledge base.

Thanks mate.