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Calculate the over importance with Alternative Specific active

Hey guys,

After collecting my data I was wondering if it is the normal way to sum the total average importances of the alternative specific attributes that were used in the design to come up with their overall importance reflected to the other 'normal' attributes.

As you can see here below:

Average Importances    Average Importances
Review Rating    11.48338
Review length - 1 star    14.37741
Review Length - 3 stars    13.69160
Review Length - 5 stars    15.23957
Review helpful vote    10.00402
Reviewer helpful vote    6.84219
Review photo - 1 star    4.13640
Review photo - 3 star    4.43647
Review photo - 5 star    6.70581
Woonplaats reviewer    13.08315

For example, every review photo solely has low average importance, but when it is summed, the total importance rises to 15.28. Should that be the number to compare review photo with to the others, or is that incorrect?

I'm very curious about your answer.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,

asked Dec 8, 2020 by OlleĀ§

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