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Exporting Pass-In fields with labels in SPSS

While I am aware of several "work around"s to achieve  this, I am wondering whether if I can attach a predefined list  to a Pass-In variable.  

The goal is, when database is exported to .sav format,  the Pass-In variable to have the labels attached as any other "regular" question.

Thank you !

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asked Nov 26, 2020 by emil.pislaru (140 points)
closed Nov 27, 2020 by emil.pislaru

1 Answer

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You can create a dummy question and set the value of the pass-in field to that dummy question.

Ensure the dummy question is not asked, just skip over it always.

You can insert this script somewhere in to the footer of one of your other questions after the dummy question ...


So this script will do DummyQ=PIVar

Your DummQ will be a select question which will use the desired parent list.

Now export out DummQ to SPSS. This will contain the labels you desire.

And I encourage you to thoroughly test this operation.
answered Nov 27, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (87,815 points)
thank you , Emil