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Tooltip allignment

Tooltips mouseovers seem to appear on the left on then can not be read on small screens. How can this be solved?

Still have Version 8.4.8
asked Nov 19, 2020 by anonymous

1 Answer

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I tried making a quick patch to 8.4.8's tooltip text.  Please try adding to your page and see if it improves the behavior:

function SSI_SetupToolTips() {
        // Mousemove
            var toolTip = $(this).next('.tool_tip_text');
            var x = event.pageX + 18;
            var y = event.pageY + 18;
            var width = $('body').width();
            if (x + toolTip.width() > width) {
                toolTip.width(width - x);
            toolTip.css({'left': x, 'top': y});
        // Mouseout
answered Nov 19, 2020 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (207,300 points)