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Error when trying to edit an existing or set up a new export job

Hi all ... I can't seem to edit data from one of my jobs.  When in the data management module in the software, if I click "Add Job" or "Edit Selected Job" I get the following error:

"An error occurred while loading data fields:  Length cannot be less than zero.  Parameter name: length"

I can export an existing job but can't edit fields or add a new one.  Have tried restarting my computer.  Have tried on other jobs (works fine).  

Any insights?  I really gotta get data checks done.  Can just do them on a downloaded csv file, but .... UGH!  On version 9.8.1
asked Nov 18 by Marion Bronze (4,025 points)
edited Nov 18 by Marion
Errors like that tend to somehow slip by our error checking and are happening more at a code level where something unexpected happened, like a value exists in one of the variables that maybe shouldn't have, or a setting for the exports got in a bad state that shouldn't have been able to happen.

If the exports are set up in a time-consuming way, I would probably save a copy of the survey first so you don't lose that and share it with support@sawtoothsoftware.com. One of our developers should be able to figure out what's not working right behind the scenes, but it's night time in the US so it's going to be a bit.

On the copy, I'd try deleting the jobs, then go into the view/edit data tab, click the very top left most cell (above the first row) so everything is highlighted, then click on the delete columns button on the top right (not the delete rows, I want the whole table completely gone).  Then do a clean download of the data from the live survey and try to build the export again.
Hi Brian - thanks.  I'd already tried deleting the downloaded data and trying that all again.  No joy.  Am now going to try rebuilding the entire job.  Zipping up the project and sending on to support.

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