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Skip Logic Script


I would like to add a post-skip logic to a question that makes this :
If Q3 has been seen by the respondent, go to Q5.
I say "seen" because answering Q3 is not mandatory for the respondent.
I can't find a way to write it properly as I can't use de if Answered logic. Could you help me?

asked Nov 13, 2020 by DBlue

1 Answer

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You can use Shown(Q3) to assist here.

Another option is to determine what base of respondents reach Q3 and use that base in your skip logic. For example, Q3 maybe shown to the respondent if Q1=1 or Q2=1, so you could use that in your skip logic to assist you post skip to Q5.

Hope that helps.
answered Nov 13, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (89,980 points)
Thank you! Shown is perfectly adequate.