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Influence of item construct on one attribute of CBC


I performed a CBC. Now I would like to check the influence of an item construct on an attribute of the CBC with HB, which I have queried before the CBC. Therefore I already computed the average value of the item battery in Excel. What is the best way to implement my planned procedure?

Many greetings
asked Nov 5, 2020 by bugsbunny (300 points)
Could you provide a bit more information?  It sounds like perhaps you asked a survey question before the CBC exercise and want to see if the answer to that question provides any significance in your model (for example, do younger respondents prefer Brand A while older respondents prefer Brand B).  Is that what you are asking?
Hello Brian!

Exactly. Before the CBC I checked several item batteries.Now I would like to find out if these answers have affected the selection decisions within the CBC. To be more precise: One attribute of the CBC is the origin. To answer my research question it is necessary to know whether these previous items (like ethnocentrism) have an influence on the origin.
My guess is you are wanting to do some sort of formal statistical test, such as whether or not being in category A or B from a survey question predicts something about your utility model.  Nothing like this is built into the software, but there are a few things that might help.  In your analysis manager, if you run HB then you can click the "Utility Report" button across the top ribbon and then segment the average utilities by your other survey questions, though you will need to export this out if you wanted to do some stat testing to calculate things like standard error of each category.  We also have a paper that talks about several different types of significance tests for conjoint models here: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/resources/technical-papers/statistical-testing

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