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Constructed list


I have a constructed list that I use in order to place the respondents into four groups. Based on the constructed list they are put randomly into one of four situations and I need to know which one.

But in the spss file I have, there is only missing in these variables.

Do you know why this is?

asked Nov 2, 2020 by Linebje (420 points)
The constructed list column is empty in the data?
Yes, so the four variables are there, but there is only missing in them.
Is there constructed list data elsewhere besides the SPSS file?  The admin module?
Yes, I found it in the constructed list table. So should I just try impporting that file into the studio?
I just wanted to verify that the data seemed intact in Lighthouse Studio.  I don't have much experience with SPSS.  You could try what you're thinking, but I can't offer much guidance there, unfortunately.
That worked, I was just i bit worried the data wasnt there, but it was.
Thanks :)

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