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Skip Logic for 50% of respondents

Hello community,

I have a question in my survey:

- If A, C or D, Skip to Q3 > easy to do
- If the respondent choses B, then half of them go to Q2, the other half goes to Q3 > how can I do that ?

Thanks a lot!
asked Oct 30, 2020 by Danaa

2 Answers

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You can create a variable that saves a random number and then uses this variable to assist with skipping logic.

Insert this SSI Script in to the footer of a prior question. Ensure this question is not skipped over as we need it to evaluate for every survey.

Now define "RandNum" as a Pass-In field variable and define it as a whole number.

Now use the following in your skip logic ...
Skip To: Q3
Skip Logic: Q1=2 and RandNum=2

So all "Q1=1 and RandNum=1" will continue through to Q2.

I have assumed the following ...

*Your question order is Q1-Q2-Q3 ...
*Q1 is a single response select question.

If you wanted to apply a stricter 50%-50% split for those who answered B at Q1, you could use a least fill quota approach. You would ignore the RandNum variable approach and setup a quota question with 2 options (B1 and B2) and select the least fill option. You skip logic will operate off the quota question.
answered Oct 30, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (89,980 points)
Great option Paul!  It's always great that multiple methods can be presented as it's always helpful in learning the tools of our trade and what options we have for different situations.
The least fill option isn't available in older versions, so it comes in handy to have the variable approach. Both options are nice to have available and easy to setup too.
Very true.  In older versions when I had to have a quota to control numbers I would define the second one using SSI Script of QuotaCellRemaining.  So much easier now with the Least Fill feature.
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I would set up a quota after Q1 that has two equal quotas set to always qualify and use the 'least fill' set up.  This will essentially assign every other and keep the quotas even.  You can then skip from that question based on which cell they went into.
answered Oct 30, 2020 by Jay Rutherford Gold (41,660 points)
Thanks a lot to both of you!