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Position of attributes in ASD

I am creating an alternative specific design with some prohibitions. When the attributes are in one sequence, I am able to generate the design (Shortcut). But when I change the sequence, I get a message that "The task could not be generated according to the constraints. Please check the prohibitions."

I am wondering why the sequence of attributes has anything to do with the feasibility of the design.
asked Dec 25, 2012 by Asset (340 points)
do you define your prohibitions before changing attribute order or not? if you define them before, make sure that they are updated (attribute number should change) after you reorder attributes. there was a bug at some point not updating the constrains.

1 Answer

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I think the case is that primary attributes must be listed before secondary (conditional attributes) with Alternative-Specific Designs.
answered Dec 26, 2012 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (190,165 points)