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Kids in HH - value below HH size

Hi all,

we are asking a numeric question about household size. After this we would like to ask how many kids are living in that household. We would like to limit the possible answer to a value smaller then the answer given in the first question. E.g.: respondents answer with 4, asked for the total HH size. When asking for kids in HH the number filled in has to be below 4.

There should be some kind of java script verification for that but I couldn't come up with a solution so far.
Every help is highly appreciated!

asked Oct 26 by Joana

1 Answer

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The minimum and maximum settings of numeric questions support Sawtooth Script.  So as long as these two questions are on different pages, you can set the second one's maximum to something like this:

[% Q1 %]

or this, if you need the value to be less than:

[% Q1 - 1 %]

"Q1" being the name of the first question, of course.
answered Oct 26 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (156,375 points)