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Constructed List-AIC, excluding one response option from parent list

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but it's only day 3 and I'm still a Sawtooth rookie.

Goal: I want to construct a list with all but one of the response options chosen in a previous question.

The parent list looks like this:
1. Name 1
2. Name 2
3. Name 3
. Name 10
11. No one.

Names are filled in by respondents (select question, other). Only #11 is a select question without an open text field.

The next few questions are asking for more information about the people named in the parent list. So, I want to build a constructed list with individuals #1 to #10. However, if respondents selected #11, then they will be taken to a different part of the survey.

For the constructed survey, I used AIC (Parentlist, 1,10), thinking that 1,10 would exclude response option 11, but it doesn't work that way. The constructed list still includes #11. What am I doing wrong?
asked Oct 23, 2020 by Isabel
Have you made sure the follow up question is pointing to your constructed list and not the parent list?
It looks like your first parameter of AIC is the name of the parent list, but this ought to be the name of a select question.  Is that just a typo in your question, perhaps?

If you want to just create a skip that triggers when the eleventh option was selected, I believe you can use this skip logic:

Q1_11 = 1

("Q1" being the name of the question, of course.)
Thanks! Yes, that was a typo! Thanks for the quick answer. I think it works now. I tested the survey and #11 wasn't displayed. It appears in the constructed list, which confused me.

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