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SSI Web Multiple response question

I have a multiple responce question. It has total 11 responses.
In this code '5' is compulsory and must be answered, else terminate.
How can I put a condition for that.

asked Dec 24, 2012 by mal_saw2001 Bronze (875 points)
retagged Dec 24, 2012 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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Create a terminate question which has text to say you are ineligible for this survey etc. etc. Skip to this terminate question if the multiple response question is a code 5 (eg. if Q1_5=1 skip to TermDisqualified). Set the termination status to disqualified.

You should have a seperate terminate question for those respondents who fully complete the survey (eg. TermCompleted). Set the termination status to complete.

Both terminate questions should be placed at the end of the survey.

Try to place the multiple response question as close to the front of the survey as possible as you don't want to waste too many questions on disqualified / ineligible respondents.

If you want to track how many respondents are disqualified due to the code 5 at the multiple response question, you can set the disposition code also. This is helpful when you have multiple disqualified types.

Hope this helps. Merry Xmas.
answered Dec 24, 2012 by Paul Moon Platinum (100,020 points)
Thanks Paul. Merry Xmas to you as well and a great 2013 ahead!