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ListLabel within Unverified Perl


I am trying to return text as well as a rating score within Unverified Perl and for some reason I can get everything EXCEPT the score itself to display...where am I going wrong?

[%Begin Unverified Perl

if (VALUE("q3c_r5")<=11 )
    return "Earlier you gave this company a score of " . LISTLABEL("ScaleList", "q3c_r5") . " out of 10 in terms of their ability to respond to your enquiry...<br><br>" ;

End Unverified %]
asked Oct 20, 2020 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Should you try replacing LISTLABEL("ScaleList", "q3c_r5") with LISTLABEL("ScaleList", VALUE("q3c_r5"))?
answered Oct 20, 2020 by Paul Moon Platinum (91,280 points)
Thank you, that worked!