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Data about unacceptable and must-have in ACBC

Hello, here we have a question about the unacceptable and must-have data in ACBC.

In some respondents’ data, the sections of both must-have and unacceptable questions are blank without data. A few respondents’ unacceptable sections have data but must-have sections are blank. Plus, some respondents only have one must-have question with data and the other must-have section is blank without data.

Can anyone have some explanation for this? For blank sections of both must-have and unacceptable, is this means the respondent does not have preferences in screening and has marked every product as “a possibility for me”? Is it better not to include this kind of case (marking every product as a possibility) in data analysis?

Many thanks.
asked Oct 16, 2020 by Xinlei Hu (260 points)

1 Answer

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You are correct that must-have and unacceptable questions will only trigger if the respondent has answers to support showing them.  For example, if I had 3 brands and chose Brand A on the BYO questions and then on the next page or two I marked a Brand B and Brand C concepts as a possibility, then Brand would never trigger in a must-have or unacceptable question.

The screener section doesn't provide as much information if someone marks all concepts as a possibility (it will influence the none utility) so the final utilities will be influenced mostly by the BYO answers and the tournament questions.
answered Oct 16, 2020 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (49,900 points)
Thank you for your helpful answer, Brian.