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Optimization search/ product line extension

We will carry out an ACBC in which the participants have to make tradeoffs between different equipment options (interiors & exteriors) for cars.
Actually the client provides one pre-built car model in the market.
The aim of the study is to provide the client with one or a combination of 2 or more pre-built car models to increase shares or profit (compared to the base car model).

My question concerns the implementation of the simulation:
Is it better to include the non-option or not?
If so, should I calculate the share of preferences for the basic model first and then simulate the optimized variant(s) separately?  Is that correct? (The improvement is the difference in the share of preferences of both simulation runs.) Or should I put the base model and the optimized variants together in one simulation run?

I am looking forward to your answers.

Thank you very much!
asked Oct 16 by Alex

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