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I'm using the not applicable application after an open answer and is wondering if it is possible to change the font?  If I try to change in the response option format, nothing happens. Also now it is possible to write something and select the not applicable at the same time. Is it possible to make it so that you either answer the open question or the not applicable?

Third question, in one of the open format questions I have this as a grid. I made the grid so that you can put in open questions for multiple column alternatives, but then it is only possible to either answer all open questions or the not applicable. Is there some way I could get the non applicable to show for each column? So that either you answer something for that column, or you don't know. But you could still write something for the other columns.

Thanks, Line
asked Oct 14 by Linebje (300 points)

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For the Not Applicable per question, it does require the Better Lighthouse Library from the question library.  Have you included that?  I'm guessing that is the functional issue.  Instead of using the response option format, go into the text of the response option and give it html font tags to change the appearance for size and/or color.

For your third question, you should be able to use the Not Applicable per variable from the Question Library and just make sure your answer direction is set to columns and then follow the instructions from the Question Library.
answered Oct 14 by Jay Rutherford Gold (37,685 points)
Thanks, I will try this.
I applied the not applicable per variable and included the better lighthouse library. So that seems to work for the grid. For the questions with only the not apllicable after open answer, Im still not able to make this so that you can only answer the open answer or the non applicable. Should the better lighthouse also be included here or are there some settings I should apply?

Also the html font tags, not sure where I should add this?


As for the html font tags, go to your list you want to make changes to and double click on the item and then click on the pencil icon to edit and apply the font tags to this way.