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Can launch Lighthouse

Since few days, on the same computer some users can launch lighthouse some others can't:

With the message :

"Unable to rech http://account.sawthoothsoftware.com to sign in. ...."

We can access to the URL by Chrome or Firefox, And we don't use a proxy.

Thank you for your help!

asked Oct 13 by NicolasLoiseau (120 points)
Are you able to access identity.sawtoothsoftware.com?
Hi Zachary,

Yes we can !

Thank you
Is there any correlation with operating system, such as the computer with trouble running Lighthouse Studio on Windows 7, but the computers without trouble are on something more recent?
Hello Brian

Yes this is a WIndows 7 Pro 64bits.

In fact on the same computer some users can launch the software, other can't...

Thank you
Thanks, I believe our operations team is rolling back (or already has) an update that should fix this, though I don't believe it is going to work forever.  It involves a protocol that computers use to talk to web servers, and Windows 7 does not have a more secure version of this protocol enabled by default.  I think we will be sending out an email in the next few weeks explaining what you'll need to do.  If you continue to have issues, please email in to support@sawtoothsoftware.com

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Hi Brian,

Indeed, it's now working good.

Thanks for your feedback.

answered Oct 16 by anonymous