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Randomizing pages


I have three pages (one question by page) and I want them to be randomly ordered.
I followed the instructions to randomize the order of pages (below): I anchored the first and the third pages. However, when I test the survey, the randomization shows only the pages I used as anchor (one page is missing).

Do you know what I could have done it wrong?


Randomizing the Order of Pages
1) Click Compose | Write Questionnaire and click the Randomize... | Pages button. From
the Randomize Pages dialog, click the Add... button.
2) Select any question from the first and last pages in the randomized sequence. All pages
including and between the anchor questions are displayed in random order when the
questionnaire runs on a Web server.
asked Oct 9 by Maria Lagomarsino (145 points)

1 Answer

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It sounds like you have followed the steps correctly to setup the randomising of questions.

But do you have any skips on any of these questions? If you do, I would suggest you make the SKIP TO question to be set as <Next Question>.

Do you have any skips to these questions? These skips can be jumping over one or more of these questions you are randomising? So you would need to skip to a possible "dummy" question before the randomised questions.

Another problem you may need to consider is your lists used at these 3 questions. Ensure they have at least one item in their lists (if using constructed lists), otherwise they will be skipped. Do any of your 3 questions rely on the preceding question to be answered?

There's a few thoughts to consider as to why your questions aren't all showing.
answered Oct 9 by Paul Moon Platinum (84,255 points)
Thank you very very much!
There is indeed a skip logic to jump further in the survey. I will add an empty question so to add the skip logic after the randomization.
Good to hear you found the gremlin in the program. Well done Maria.

Have a wonderful weekend.