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how to the label in current question is of selected the questions before

asked Nov 18, 2011 by anonymous
Sorry, I'd like to assist but I'm not clear on what you are asking?

Could you be a bit more clearer.

thanks , i want selected results of the previous questions list will be used for the next questions list ?

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You create a constructed list. The constructed list needs you to define a parent list. This should be the same list as the previous question list.

Use the AIC command which refers to "ADD IF CHOSEN". Sawtooth has a good help in the software to review all list commands and syntax.

If Q1 is the 1st question and you want Q2 to display only the Q1 responses selected, the following will work ...

AIC(Q1) or if you want to restrict to a range of codes (say codes 1-9), then use AIC(Q1,1,9).
answered Nov 18, 2011 by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)