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Assign sys_DispositionCode via script

Is there a way to assign a sys_DispositionCode with PERL script? I would like to assign a disposition code to a respondents based on a response but will still need to ask them a question after they give the terminating response.  I can always skip them to a regular TERM page after that additional question, but if they quit the survey before getting to that TERM page the disposition code will not get applied. I tried
<code> [%SetValue(sys_DispositionCode,401)%] </code> but Sawtooth didn't like that.

asked 6 days ago by Chris Guth Bronze (1,025 points)
Some system variables aren't recognized by Sawtooth Script, but can still be accessed using unverified Perl.  Does this work?

[% Begin Unverified Perl
SETVALUE('sys_DispositionCode', 401);
End Unverified %]
It didn't give me an error when I tested so looks like it should work. Thank you!
Nice tip thanks Zachary.

1 Answer

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You could probably just use a quota, but just set the quota limits to 9999 so people pass through and get put into a bucket, but the quota doesn't really have any restrictions.
answered 6 days ago by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (46,970 points)